Day 1 teacher training

Im on the  train from Lafayette to the city, I could be in NYC but the station names are different! People are nice helping me figure out where to go! I’m just hoping to be on time. Once I get off at the 24th st mission station I have a half mile walk. I’m thinking I might need the lady in the box to head me in the right direction!

Ok made it on time amazing group of  people Had a face time with Margabandu and Shaki. Absolutely incredible so much information.  Sharama is awesome. Lots of conversation about breath work .this way of approaching  Autism revolves around the gut and the science of  yoga.  A lot about non gmo and all the toxins in our  food! In California so many people just can’t seem to afford good clean food. I thank God everyday for our garden and the many gifts we have been given!

Im back on the train it’s 6pm this time  have a seat and I’m looking forward to going home to my good friend Leilani and celebrating her birthday with her and her beautiful family!  Have a joyful evening, more tomorrow!


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