Day 2 and 3 Teacher Training

Yesterday during class we did the “twist” Sharanya put the twist music on and we did the twist during the dancing part of class.. She got a text later from her daughter who is watching her autistic sister.. Apparently Carrie was twisting the same time we were,, she’s in New Jersey .. At the same time.. Carrie Sharanyas autistic daughter said look I’m in 1965.. Maybe autistic people are resonating on a different plain… Really something to think on.  Divine beings practicing quantum physics.. It’s so amazing how connected we really are Carrie is an incredible example.. Sharanya has never played that music in class before we were doing an example class for autistic kids but modified for the teachers as we needed a little something different…

Cleaning  the body with good pranic  energy, keeping the chakras clear,  good nutrition and a healthy gut is so important.  Studies show that 70 to 80% of crime occurs when people have low blood sugar. On a different note let’s think about autistic people who have difficulty communicating what doesn’t feel right, be it a head ache, belly ache, or even a mucle cramp, and you have a person who is acting out.. With the practice of yoga maybe we can discern what the problem is and use yogic chanting, pranayama, and asana to open and help these kids.

A few things I learned yesterday/ Glycosate a chemical in roundup weed killer. The wheat we grow in the US is impervious to this chemical, it kills the weeds but not the wheat, glycols ate is in the wheat and we ingest it.. No goody!  Hence the gut problems.

The goal is for each child to experience success, love and non judgement. And that openness that comes with pranayama and yoga indri.  A lot  like any other yoga class!

Today may 15 I’m back on the train. I have a routine now! We are working on meridians today. And more asana!

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